Principles of the Academy benevolent Assembly
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In the name of the Almighty


Principles of the Academy benevolent Assembly



In spiritual and human indoctrinations, man is not confines as a simple part of the society but a constructive element in social transformation. In this perspective each individual feel committed to live up to his social missions to the other fellows as best as one can. God-sent assigned duties are tied with social duties. A real praying is best manifested in serving the fellows, sheer corporal suffering and individual praying don’t suffice to make the praying thorough.


Students comprising the major part of academic community play an important role in determining the human society destiny. Attending to this community’s preoccupations has always been taken as a spiritual duty. Presently, welfare and educational concerns of this community have undergone some limited official and nonofficial improvement. It is deemed necessary to take organized and purposeful actions accompanied with fame-holding features. Taking the aforementioned objectives into account the assembly members relying on the goodness and possessing a consolidated belief feel committed on the principles on the following agreement comprising four parts those of fundamentals, objectives, general and domestic policy.



Heartfelt belief to remove poverty and privation in human society.

Believing in promoting and revival of low interest loan in society in general and in academic society in particular

To effectively act to maintain the students` and scholars` dignity and munificence

To believe in human needs that of philanthropy and coming up with charity and benefaction

Achieving social justice in academic settings

To believe in educating and intellectualism, spreading a knowledge and research-bearing culture leading to a sustainable development




Encouraging the pure consciences to enter the vast fields of goodness

Be supportive to academics and scholars

Supporting science and technology production, placing emphasis on premier contribution of universities

Introducing an effective financial framework stressing knowledge-oriented approach, innovation, intellectual dynamism

To endeavor to financially back in scholastic and scientific activities.

Spreading the culture of low-interest loans and financial supporting at universities

Expanding the generative process of low-interest loan with a substantial vision in a form of a consistent network so as to present services and facilities at universities

To win financial aids from the benevolent organization and institutions

To draw intellectual support so as to foster the performance of the Iran’s student fund


General policies:


To precisely follow the holy and human principles

Setting the ground to have the benevolent and the academic community interacted

Creating a suitable opportunity so as to diminish the scholars` needs and improving their welfare status

Winning the benevolent` financial support resulting in the development of the scholars` activities

Paying the low-interest loans to researcher and jihad students in scientific and research-oriented activities

To effectively utilize the financial sources and rewards received from organizations to provide students with grants

Domestic policies:

observing the laws and regulations recognized by the assembly

to endeavor to have a sustainable growth and fostering the sources leading to more services

struggling to maintain equality among individuals

supporting the effective and new plan promoting the assembly





Public relation

And the benevolent affairs